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Reliable IT for Health Professionals

At Revolution, we’re proud to be able to look back on almost two decades of providing complete solutions in IT for health professionals. Over the years we have kept ahead of the curve when it comes to the digital world. From simple email setups to advanced hosted exchanged solutions, we have helped hundreds of people with their business. Even more specifically, we have acquired a thorough understanding of the computing and IT requirements of the health sector, in particular medical and dental practitioners.

With our track record, outstanding customer service, and our ability to solve issues before they become real problems, our customers from the health sector are rapidly growing in numbers. They come to us when they’re systems start running slow, or their client base grows to the point the current system can’t cope. We can help set up a new system, or create a new way to deal with your IT.

For reliable, efficient IT for health professionals, then call us. Don’t put up with delays in your practice. We are experts in the following sofatware:

  • Exact Dental
  • Oasis
  • Dental for Windows
  • Dolphin Management and Imaging
  • Practice Works
  • Schick CDR DICOM Imaging
  • Digora
  • Houston VIP
  • Intrahealth Profile
  • Healthlink
  • Incisive
  • Trophy

Save yourself and your practice the stress, time and cost or having computer problems. If you find yourself unable to help clients because of unreliable computer systems, then why wait around? It’s not only stressful, but costing you money. We maintain your systems around the clock and offer 24 hour monitoring. This means that we have a better chance of catching a problem before it affects your business. We’ll fix problems you didn’t even know you had, and we’ll do it all at incredible value.

So for quality IT for health professionals, there’s no IT company in Auckland with more experience. Call us today.